About Us

Dental Practice TIA Dentico

Dental practice “TIA Dentico” is set in Belgrade.

Our team consists of doctors – specialists from all fields of dentistry, with one goal only – to offer you the best possible service. In addition to highly educated personnel, we also guarantee to use materials of renowned manufacturers while simultaneously following current trends, as well as collaborating with leading dental laboratories, which guarantees the highest quality, which is another key element of our success.

Our goal is to make visits to the dentist no longer “discomfort that must be done”, but a thing you do with pleasure, in order to improve your health and appearance.

And do not forget – the ultimate goal, which is certainly a smile on your face, we can reach only by mutual hard work and dedication.

For this reason, you should visit the educational side of our website where we try to present everything you need to know about the health of teeth and mouth, and we will make sure that you are regularly updated with the news from the world of dentistry and medicine.

Our focus is not on your smile only, we take care of your health in general

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